Joshua Ingraham

Joshua Ingraham,a mid western boy at heart, was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He spent his years growing up between his hometown city and coastal cities such as Coronado Island in southern California and his now home of New York City. Joshua started his design career in 2001 processing incoming shipments in the back of an interior design shop in Tulsa while he attended design and architect courses. He has since worked with various designers and clients before finally coming into his own style. After intense study, Joshua took the leap in opening his own design firm of Joshua Ingraham
Design, Inc. Joshua has since culminated his skills of floral design, event production and fashion styling since moving to New York. Joshua has worked with some of the biggest names in design, fashion and architecture including Creative Design Interiors, Tiffany & Co., David Beahm Design, Nautica and Kipling showrooms to name a few. Joshua has worked with the many styles and tastes of design before drawing on his own inspirations and settling into his own uniqueness. Joshua has always had a passion for the many avenues of design and thrives in mixing all aspects of creativity and inspiration.

Joshua Ingraham's style has been self-labeled as chic and sexy 'Casual Luxury'. He transforms timeless, traditional pieces and creates a more modern product while maintaining its sincerity. Joshua will take antique treasures from around the world and add his own touch, converting them into a unique, modern accessories for the home. His designs concentrate on the strong statements of luxurious fabrics and textures while using dramatic pieces to draw you into a room. Known for his usage of dark, rich colors and patterns, Joshua Ingraham Design specializes in the sleek and sexy.

His firm has been listed on Apartment Therapy's top 10 list and is featured regularly on Habitually Chic. His client roster includes professional athletes, retail showrooms in New York City and private individuals. Joshua Ingraham Design specializes in high end residential projects but remains loyal in transforming the “New York City apartment” into comfortable and luxurious living spaces. Joshua plans on taking his design firm to higher levels which include a retail boutique and international design hotels.

555 W 23rd St, S12A, New York, NY 10011
P: 315.560.3283   |   F: 917.463.0886