772 Forest Ave

A gorgeous 200 year old, 6000 square foot Historic Tudor, located in the affluent neighborhood of Delaware Park in Buffalo, NY. As one of our most treasured projects, we were able to explode our vision of Casual Luxury into this beautifully restored home surrounded by English Gardens and lush Coy ponds. Our strategic use of various patterns, fabrics and textures was an important factor in maintaining the integrity of the houses rich history along with our modern design esthetic. We acquired a full house of custom designed furniture pieces and hand painted fabrics and wallpapers. The dining room is the most dramatic room of the renovation. The strong visuals of the powder blue wallpaper married with the striking, deep color of the furniture yielded a modern play of a 16th century salle a manger. This room is the perfect example of the Joshua Ingraham Design aesthetic. The master bedroom also provides a similar ambience in more of a masculine fashion. The large scale furniture with exaggerated detail, of animal and chain patterns make this bedroom a very sexy place to rest your mind.